Coach’s Corner

Drill Discussion

The following drills are being incorporated for the rest of the season to support our goal of blending the pieces of the drive we have been working so as to create better team drive timing and power. In order for us to gain the 10 or 15 seconds needed to win consistently, we must drive together consistently. Currently we have 5 or 6 rowers beginning the drive with good length and ratio and 2 or 3 rowers finishing the drive with good power and releases. This shortens our length as a boat resulting in less power resulting in less run.

Drills: Cha at 25 – 50%power but at full hand speed;  goal is to reinforce seat catch timing and create faster hand speed. 1/2 slide drill at 50 -75% power; goal is to reinforce the “stick it” and insure that all drive movements (hands, body, legs) finish at the same time. Any movement, other than the hand curve (release) is wasted energy since the drive is over when the legs are fully down. Feet out and feet loosely tied in; the goal of these drills are to demonstrate, by falling into the bow, incorrect drive timing and lack of “stick itness (official term)”. The last half of the drive (1/2 slide drill) must be characterized by the body opening and the muscles of the upper body hanging (bracing) on the oar handle. If there is no bracing at the finish of the drive there will be no force in which to keep foot pressure against the foot stretchers and you will fall into the bow. Caution: do not confuse the shortened (bear hug) finish with the proper finish which is characterized by an erect, supported posture with gluts and abs (bellybutton against spine) fully engaged.

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